Admission Essay Writing Guide by An Ex-Stanford Graduate

Admission Essay Writing
I am not Sandra Day O'Connor, Elon Musk, or John Steinbeck, who have graduated from Stanford University. These guys are legends, but I am just an Ex-Stanford graduate who started seeing the world through an entirely new perspective after completing the Graduate School. If you want to know who I am, then in this blog, I will not unveil my identity. It's Okay; you can consider me an anonymous Ex-Stanford Graduate. But keep reading as I will share my personal admission essay writing experiences so you can also make your way to Stanford by timely submitting a masterpiece to the admission committee. So, topic of today's discussion is to give you pro tips for writing a good admission essay in a quiet simple way. Let's get started:

What Is The Purpose Of Admission Essay Writing?

Whatever the name of the institute you are applying for taking admission, the admission essay format is more or less similar. The best way to write a stellar essay is to first know about its purpose of writing. That is, admission essay writing only aims to give the admission committee an opportunity to know more about you. Basically, at the time of admission, the committee collects all your documents and certificates, but they tell only about your past academic record or achievements and remain silent about your personality and future endeavours. So, to know what kind of personality students have, they call the selected candidates for an interview. However, to make a list of shortlisted candidates, it will be the admission essay that provides them with criteria.

Which Writing Style Should You Use For Admission Essay Writing?

Keeping in view the purpose of admission essay writing, how ambitious you are and how you will plan your success are a few simple points that you must focus on. Likewise, if you start sharing your past story with Stanford, then it will also work well. However, before telling your story to educational entities, you must think for a while that whether it is worth sharing. As a basic trick, you can ask the following question to you before sharing your side.
  1. What's unique in you?
  2. What is the bright side of your personality?
  3. What are your interests?
  4. Do you have some plans to play your role in the evolution of the society?

Once you think you have anything to share with the committee that they would love to know, then you must make a plan to add it to your essay. Otherwise, you can use many other techniques to stand out.

What Should Be The Best Format That Can Help You Easily Write A Stunning Piece?

After all, it's just an essay. It is important as your future depends on this piece of writing, but still, it is only an essay. Then what makes you worried; take it as you take other research or writing tasks. Start it with a brief introduction, impress the committee with your ambitions in the body, and conclude it by declaring you the best candidate for getting admission. So, this simple admission essay writing format is the one that I myself used years back. But you can still use it, as admission essay writing has not evolved over the past few decades.

Start Your Essay:

Start your essay by knowing you are writing for someone who really wants to know about you. So, please first introduce yourself. What kind of person you are, what your educational background is, and whether you belong to a middle or high-class family are a few points that will help the committee to know about you. Additionally, it will be okay; to be honest, you do not need to exaggerate anything. You must own yourself. After defining yourself, you can directly move on to the next part of an essay, that is, the body of the essay.

Body Of The Essay:

It will be better to divide the body of your essay into three paragraphs. However, to remain short and concise, adding all your achievements and endeavours in two separate paragraphs will also be okay. Use one paragraph to quickly sum up all your past achievements, and the other one can be used to tell how brighter your future might be after getting assistance from Stanford's experts. Additionally, must try your level best to limit each paragraph length to 150-200 words.

Conclude It Nicely:

Last but not least in the admission essay is the conclusion writing. However, the conclusion of an admission essay does not resemble the one that we drafted for the persuasive or any other type of classical essay. Depending upon the purpose of admission essay writing, its conclusion must overview all your qualities to emphasise on the point that the admission committee must give you a chance to prove yourself.

Where Can You Get Free Samples For Admission Essay Writing?

Guidelines are really important to help you find how to write an admission essay. However, what type of vocabulary must you choose, or how the word's selection can help you achieve excellence; the answers to both of these questions can be easily found by reviewing some top-class admission essay samples. But from where you can get all these samples is a million-dollar question. The Academic Papers UK has the country's top-rated writers. Getting admission essay help or visiting the official website to view the sample admission essays is the most appropriate solution to resolve all your essay writing queries.

Concluding Remarks:

In a nutshell, admission essay writing needs you to get assistance from the one who has lived through the same phase in the remote past. That's why the article has provided the best-ever guidelines that many students, including me, have followed to make our way towards Stanford- a dream university of millions of students. Hopefully, after following these guidelines, you will also secure admission to Stanford.

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